The Biennale del Muro Dipinto was born in the sixties thanks to the contribution of several artists who, with their frescoes and bas reliefs, transformed the small medieval village of Dozza into an open-air art gallery that winds along the streets of the country In the Sforzesca Fortress. Dozza has long become a contemporary art exhibition and youthful creativity. Here, every two years artists give expression to their talent in direct contact with the public and in relation to the urban context.

On the occasion of the XXV Biennial of the Painted Wall, as in past editions, Progetto Luce has been curating the evening lighting of the artworks.
Following the principle that lighting should not distort the colors or falsify the creators’ intentions, Progetto Luce has identified lighting solutions that can be used to make stand out the expressiveness of each work. The light sources we used to illuminate the works were designed to facilitate and enhance the enjoyment of the works without disturbing the eye and without distorting the meaning.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Muro Dipinto, Progetto Luce’s staff knowing the importance of light in the observation and contemplation of the art works, this year gave a bright contribution to the project of the Muro Dipinto using specific luminous sources and lamps with a color rendering index as close to 100 as possible, making it even more magical.