Gigacer showroom

Faenza (RA)

The lighting of an exhibition showroom is always a fairly difficult issue to deal with as they put to test many of the requirements that an illuminating equipment should have: high efficiency (lumen / watt ratio), low power consumption, versatility of use, color yield, degree of maintenance and resistance.

In this case the theme has been enriched by a project (followed by the architect Claudio Valentino) which needed to have multiple uses of the spaces, having to transform in a few minutes into a product presentation room, event location, briefing room and more.
In addition the material itself, the porcelain stoneware and the ceramic coatings with characteristics that can range from very light, semi-lucid tones to matt black graphite, are very difficult surfaces to illuminate.

After several preliminary drafts with the architect we decided for a layout that provides a triphasic suspended track with projectors of various types of sources; we mixed in discharge lamps with halogen lamps. On some products we had excellent results with the Philips Elite series bulbs, they are really worth their high cost!
The zones with withdrawable exhibitors were instead covered with the use of projectors, about 6 bodies for each display element: in this case we must consider that the products need to be illuminated from both sides, without creating shadows and discomforting glare. To avoid the latter we used special honey-comb filters.

One last thing to note: our staff has made 5 different interventions before finding the optimum positioning for the headlights. As our normal practice we asked to be joined during the whole operation by internal personnel in order to make the client completely autonomous during future operations of setting change.

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