Erbavoglio herbalist’s

San Lazzaro (BO)

Very often our job consists of having to understand a space, a place, a project.
A lighting design project is never in itself but must always come from a global project and the practical needs of the client; Moreover, in the specific case of spaces assigned to sale, it has to make the most of the marketed product trying to focus on the real strengths and leaving in the shadow any weaknesses.

The restyling of this herbal medicine shop by architect Sonia Cariani, has concentrated in a modest space of about 20 square meters, small style lessons, comparing a corporate identity such of that of Erbolario, here enhanced by the lightwall system by Flos and a clever choice of color of the case, with an understanding of the space to emphasize a sense of softness and roundness.
The drywalls have been curved and the lights have been adjusted following Feng Shui rules. The rounded recesses and Belfiore’s series bubbles have been added for a three-dimensional effect false ceiling.

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