Ciicai showroom

Calderara di Reno loc. Bargellino (BO)

One of the major design requirements of the proposed lighting system for this Showroom was that of enhancing at the fullest the ceramic coatings.
Giving an adequate light depending on the color choice was our main effort.

In the case of the new showroom of Cicaii in Bargellino, the designers involved explained that the space would be divided in two, one half would be used for new finishes and coatings, and the other half as a furnishing environment.
In this case we chose to proceed with the with high color rendering LED projectors, and after various assessments we decided to vary in the two zones a too often underestimated element, the color temperature of the light source. If, therefore, on the one hand we guaranteed a good “readability” of the colors with a degree of Ra (color rendering sometimes also expressed as CRI) of 90, the other side we chose to distinguish the color of light, featuring areas of the environment with a warm white color light equal to 3,000 degrees Kelvin, while for the display and coatings sale areas we opted for a neutral white color light of 4,000 degrees kelvin. The latter choice (proved optimal during setting up) then guaranteed a correspondence of the colors that needed to be illuminated mostly, since white neutral light is the one that falses colors the less, especially on opaque surfaces with tones close to white, gray, opaque white, travertine, etcetera.

In addition to the main ceiling lighting system, they were made of recessed profiles for transition zones and led veils on vertical and horizontal drywalls. In the space, in accordance with the designers, they placed decorative lamps made by the companies Foscarini and Flos.

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