Imola (BO)

Progetto Luce was responsible for the lighting design of the store, in collaboration with falegnameria Rossi arredamenti of Osteria Grande.
The main goal from the beginning was to make the most of the finishes and the colors of the environment, trying to reproduce a “soft” atmosphere almost like a tea room.

One of the client’s main requests was to be able to adjust the light intensity of the entire store in order to adapt the space to both different times of day and seasons. This was needed to create the right atmosphere for a reading accompanied by tasting or for ordinary sale.
To respond to such a request we had to use Progetto Luce’s own production recessed spotlights “Riquadro” and as light source 2700 degrees kelvin dimmable LEDs. The lights have been customised with a bronze finish to ensure that they match well with the brown tone colors of the ceiling.

The task of enhancing and characterizing the sales counter was given to the suspension lights “Torino” of the company Toscot. The British racing green finish was not chosen randomly, but with the idea of ​​enriching the color scheme related to the basic product on sale, the tea.
For the shop windows, we wanted the lights to be the less noticeable as possible; to achieve this we decided to employ recessed triphasic rails in a black finish. On these we mounted high chromatic yield LED projectors that could be routed on three different channels and allow countless arrangements, with the possibility to moved and oriented in every direction.

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