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We were called by the client and by its designer with a very specific request: adequately illuminate the workplace without touching the ceiling.
Located in the historic center of Bologna, in a beautiful sixteenth century palace where the frescoed ceilings have been restored for the occasion was certainly an aspect not to be overlooked.
The request of the customer became a challenge: reach an illuminance of at least 450 lux without being able to use lamps on the conference and studio tables.

We conducted several surveys during all of the phases of the restoration. After extensive lighting calculations we developed a project, by using indirect light sources to reflect the light downward, that manages to provide an adequate degree of illumination and fully value the vaults.
Easier said than done, since in these cases the right thing to do is to illuminate uniformly the ceiling without risking to over expose it.

We employed double emitting and swiveling products (to uniform the ceiling) with a direct led light and indirect metal halide with very powerful light sources. The so-called up-lighting has also been helped by tailored LED profiles above all archives and cabinets.

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