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Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used on the web portal of HTTPS://PROGETTOLUCESRL.IT/ on linked public sites that are part of its system activity, on the restricted area Workplace (intranet) and on the reserved sites that it refer to, as well as to apps for mobile devices. For this reason we think it is important to explain to the user what Cookies are and why they are used by PROGETTO LUCE SRL. Please read the information below carefully, to understand how we use the Cookies and what options are available to the user.

The personal data acquired by us will in any case be managed in accordance with the PROGETTO LUCE SRL personal data protection notice.

What are cookies?

A Cookie (literally “cookie”) is a small amount of data located in the browser of the user’s computer or on his mobile device. Cookies use different techniques to save data in users’ devices – for example their computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones – or to read data from the same devices, for example in order to identify the user or memorize his preferences. The most popular Cookies are small text files that are stored on the devices to be identified at a later time.

We also use other tracking technologies such as javascript, web beacons (tags) (small blocks of code installed on a web page or on an application, which can retrieve certain information about the device or browser used) or device tracking based on fingerprinting, identifiers mobile and tracking URL. This refers to all these technologies as “Cookies” in this Cookie Policy. At the end of this Cookie Policy there is a list of the Cookies we use and their purpose.

Some of these cookies are necessary for the site to function properly, while others are useful to the visitor because they are able to securely store, for example, the user name.

How long do PROGETTO LUCE SRL Cookies remain active?

The cookies we use have different lifetimes. A “cookie session” expires when the browser is closed, while a “persistent cookie” remains on the user’s device for a certain period. To know the retention periods of each, see the table at the end of this Cookie Policy. The user can delete all cookies from the browser whenever he wants, through the cookie settings menu. The point where these settings are found varies depending on the browser used. To find out where they are in the specific case, the user can use the Search function on the Settings page or use the Help function of the browser.

Which Cookies does PROGETTO LUCE SRL use?

We use both “first part” and “third party” cookies. First party cookies are inserted and read by PROGETTO LUCE SRL itself. Third-party cookies are cookies inserted and / or read by third parties, that is from external services.

We also use so-called “Tracking Cookies”. Our first-party tracking cookies are used only for tracking user browsing habits on the portal / intranet. Third-party Tracking Cookies can also be used to track user navigation between multiple websites (others), not only on our online platform. We cannot control this tracking and therefore we prefer to refer the user to the information on the protection of personal data adopted by such third parties. In the table at the end of this Cookie Policy you can see precisely which third parties place third-party cookies on the PROGETTO LUCE SRL portal, or on sites linked to it.

Functional cookies.

Functional Cookies are Cookies necessary for the use of the Workplace (intranet area) or the activation of certain functions. One of these cookies, for example, allows you to keep active access to the Workplace without having to enter the access data each time you click on a link on the portal. These cookies are placed independently of the user’s authorization when they visit the portal or make use of essential features.

We also use functional cookies for:

  • Check the user account type
  • Check that the user has logged in
  • Store data on the type of device used to visit the intranet area

Analysis and research cookies.

These cookies record how visitors use the portal. We can use the information collected by these cookies to analyze the use of the portal and identify the causes of any errors on the online platform. Some are placed independently of the user’s authorization when visiting HTTPS://PROGETTOLUCESRL.IT/, for example Cookies that collect only aggregated data. Analytical and search cookies are used to:

  • Measure the number of users on the site over time
  • Measure the time you spend visiting the site
  • Track the order in which a user views different web pages
  • Identify the geographical location from which the user accesses the site
  • Decide which parts of the site need to be improved
  • Identify the type of device and the browser with which the user accesses the site In general, monitor the use of the site by the user, in order to improve navigability.

Social media cookies.

We want to offer our users the opportunity to share some of the site’s content through Social Media. For this reason we have included some buttons and options for sharing. Other buttons allow you to access our profiles on selected Social Media. Through these buttons and options, the respective Social Media can insert Cookies which they can read later. These cookies allow:

  • Users who have accessed certain social media platforms to directly share the content on the online platform
  • Users to view embedded videos from our official YouTube channel using YouTube’s improved privacy mode

Furthermore, PROGETTO LUCE SRL, to provide multimedia content such as photographs and videos, or to connect the site to social platforms, uses third-party services which in turn use cookies. Here is the list of these services and the link to the respective privacy policies:

  • Facebook is a social network
  • Twitter is a social network
  • Flickr is a web platform that allows sharing and viewing photos online
  • YouTube is a web platform that allows sharing and viewing of videos on the web
  • Google analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc

How can you control the use of cookies?

You can manage cookie settings in the browser you are using. You must follow the instructions provided by your specific browser on how to accept, remove or refuse cookies. Here below you will find links to information on how to disable or manage cookies in different browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Windows Explorer
  • To manage third-party cookies, you can consult the websites:

    These websites allow you to block specific third-party cookies.

    Can the cookie policy be changed?

    We may modify or supplement this Cookie Policy. We do our best to keep our Cookie information up to date, but please note that Cookie lists are always simple snapshots. Given the constant innovation of the online platform and given that the Internet and the various stakeholders are constantly evolving, it is possible that this Cookie Policy does not always contain information on updated Cookies and Cookie lists.


    If you have any questions regarding this Cookie Policy and the use of Cookies on our site, you can contact the owner at any time using the following contact details: CLAUDIATAMPIERI@PROGETTOLUCESRL.IT

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